Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The New Dating App of the Summer

As we all know, dating in today’s world is almost entirely done through apps. We meet through apps and we chat through them, so it’s quite rare that we ever first meet someone in person—and that’s okay— this system works! Yet, now there’s an even better way to chat, flirt and date face-to-face on our phones! With the new dating app, WhoWinkedMe, people can actually meet in real time, reviving that old charm of classic dating.

The beauty of WhoWinkedMe is its real time feature. It allows users to video live, similar to Facetime, allowing the dating process to happen more naturally and intimately. Other mainstream dating apps simply focus on the chatting feature, but that style of connecting is dry and overdone. It’s important for users to talk to each other—face to face—before deciding whether to take their flirtation to the next level.

The WhoWinkedMe interface is very easy to use, allowing people to familiarize themselves with the features instantly. You’ll receive notifications on your phone when you’ve been “winked”, indicating that a user is interested in you. Then, if you’re game, you can start talking or video chatting to see if there’s a spark.

In addition to real time video chatting, WhoWinkedMe still maintains all the loveable features true to our classic dating apps—only better! There’s a feature to book a date, which allows you to schedule and track all of your meets. This is perfect for those who need alerts for scheduled dates. 

There’s also a world map feature, letting you see the location of the person you’re chatting with. The map is designed to eliminate any confusion about where the user is located, while also making it easy to decide a mutually accessible spot for a date.

Launching this summer, WhoWinkedMe is the hottest way to meet new people during the sunny season. Whether you want a partner for patio meets, walks or even the beach, you’ll find your summer love at WhoWinkedMe.

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Monday, 13 June 2016

6 Myths about Texting Games

In today’s tech age, it’s common to use texting as the trendy method of dating communication. Yet, in this electronic abyss of emoticons, innuendos and poor grammar, the act of texting can become a confusing and frustrating way to pursue someone.

On top of all this nonsense, texting gets even more complicated when there are long time lapses between messages due to everyday distractions or work. And if this were not bad enough, some texters have taken this activity to a whole new level, turning it into a manipulative style of courtship in the form of “texting games”. 

Essentially, this means that the texter will purposely send ambiguous or inconsistent messages to confuse the person and keep them wondering. This twisted logic is motivated by the idea that the person who is left in a state of uncertainty will become insecure, giving the instigator the upper hand.  

While many people have adopted this belief over the years, it’s vital that we let go of these awful dating myths. In reality, texting games are not the pathway to a meaningful and trusting relationship. A healthy romance cannot be built on the basis of manipulation, but rather, a show of open and honest communication between partners. To confirm this fact, I will address some common myths about texting games. 

Myth # 1- Phone calls seem eager

This is absolutely not true. A phone call is an effective and straight-forward way to initiate conversation. However, many people perceive the phone call as a no-go because it can be seen as overly eager. This is why people think texting is a smoother approach when trying to snag their love interests. Yet, when a phone call is done with confidence, meaning there is charisma and poise, it can be wonderfully attractive.

Myth # 2- It’s better to wait between texts

Some people believe that acting like a catch means playing hard to get. This idea is driven by the assumption that people who are busy cannot respond immediately, and are thus able to create a self-important image that attracts the opposite sex. While this is true to an extent, there is a difference between waiting twenty minutes to respond to a text and waiting two days. Taking too long can be a sign of disrespect to the other person, so you must be considerate. When you’re able to embrace a healthy and regulated style of communication via text, you will be more successful in the dating world.         

Myth # 3- Keep texts short

This is definitely true! Texts should be “short and sweet”. Texting is a great tool for keeping in touch, but not for having lengthy conversations, particularly in the early stages of dating. By keeping your messages brief, you can add some mystery, leaving some space for a romantic pursuit. Then, if your fellow texter becomes interested in you, he or she will eventually want to initiate more dates or phone calls.

Myth # 4- Wait 3 days to text after the first date

This rule can be addressed with a big fat “NO!” It has often been said that when a man waits three days to contact his date, he has created an aura of mystery and intrigue. While this may work with some women, for most mature ladies, this behavior will not fly. Rather, you will only come across as offensive and careless rather than interesting.

However, it’s understandable why many people see this approach as a way to protect themselves. The problem is that the early stages of dating are often a fragile balancing act of egos, whereby each person tries not to lose the upper hand. 

The reality is that when we make a move, we can feel vulnerable, especially if the other person is not on the same page. This is why many people take comfort in their safety nets, avoiding any open and honest communication with the hope that the other person will do all the initiating. Unfortunately, these games will only limit your opportunity, so if you want to increase your chances of happiness in the dating world, you need to grow a tougher skin and become more active in your own romantic destiny.                                                 


Myth # 5- Never text late at night

Now this one is tricky because the late night text can be interpreted differently depending on the texter and the situation. First of all, there are two types of nighttime texts: the sweet, loveable kind that says, “I hope you have sweet dreams—good night” and the kind that says, “hey sexy, what r u wearing?” Hopefully, if mama raised you well, you know that the latter message is less than decent, so don’t send it! Then, there is the issue of whether or not to respond to such a text, which leads perfectly into our next myth…      


Myth # 6- Never respond to a late night text    

Again, this one is also complicated due to the different types of late night texts as addressed in myth #5. If the message is sweet, you can certainly respond, but if the message is brazen or overtly sexual than ignore it. Otherwise, you’ll risk appearing too willing or easily swayed. 

Keep in mind, however, that this caution does not mean you’re encouraged to start ignoring messages as a game of resistance. You should use your judgment as to which messages deserve a reply and which ones do not. Yet, at the same time, you should try not to be overly critical about the other person’s frisky texts as a little flirtation is great. Ultimately, you can let their guard down a little to invite some playful romance into your life—just don’t let your guard fall too low!                           

When you abandon all the texting games, you’ll invite more promising romantic opportunities into your life. But, there needs to be an open heart ready for dating to blossom into a relationship, and if both people are not willing to take the risk, romance cannot happen. So, the next time you find yourself thinking about someone after a great date, call them the very next day. No excuses, no regrets!